It’s just another drive home after work and as always, I’m blasting my life anthem(s) from 1989. I attempt to paint pictures of how this weekend will unfold at Staples Center in Los Angeles for the hundreds of thousands of Swifties flocking to see the one and only Taylor Swift.


On May 5, 2015, the revolutionary 1989 World Tour began in Japan. As the tour made its way through Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, I counted the moments until Taylor’s tour would arrive in Los Angeles, California. As a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, I was determined to do my research and learn what there is to know about the 1989 World Tour. With a lot of help from tumblr, here is what I’ve found;

1) The 1989 World Tour opening acts are to die for, especially the ones for Los Angeles. Most Swifties want to arrive to the venue as early as possible to soak up every minute of the 1989 bliss (same…I’m casually getting there two hours early.) Being there early allows for ample time to enjoy the opening acts, Vance Joy and Haim.


2) Taylor’s apparel is on point as always. From her first performances at state fairs to her most recent performances at the VMAs, Taylor’s intricate apparel consistently contributes to the stories laced into her lyrics. It’ll be no different for the 1989 World Tour.


Each outfit is bedazzled, sequined, and unlike any other. My personal favorite is the sparkling blue jacket she wore during the Welcome to New York number in England. Of course there are some variations from show to show, but every outfit is equally as amazing. Not to mention her stunner heels perfectly match every outfit to show off her long legs (which aren’t insured contrary to the rumor that was once circulating).

3) The show flows flawlessly.  Taylor’s hand picked set list never fails to excite fans. I discovered that the set list occasionally switches up from show to show. The most recent set list from August 18th was:

  1. Welcome to New York
  2. New Romantics
  3. Blank Space
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble
  5. How You Get the Girl
  6. I Know Places
  7. All You Had to Do Was Stay
  8. Fifteen
  9. Clean
  10. Love Story
  11. Style
  12. Bad Blood
  13. We Are Never Getting Back Together
  14. Wildest Dreams (with elements of Enchanted)
  15. Out of the Woods
  16. Shake it Off

4) Her graphics are to die for. From what I’ve found on tumblr, the graphics are amazing. During interludes, the graphics retain the audience’s attention, allowing for flawless transitions. During the songs they contribute and exacerbate the metaphorical lyrics. I can’t wait to see them in person.

5) Clean is hands down one of my favorite songs off of 1989. It is about the individual metamorphosis that occurs at the cessation of a personal struggle. This song truly puts into words how the struggle isn’t our story, it’s just a stepping stone. The best part about this song is that it means something totally different to the 50,000 people in the stands, yet during the concert, all of the voices are laced together belting the song out, feeling a similar level of emotion. Before Taylor sings Clean, she always gives a heartfelt speech to the crowd about overcoming their own adversity and building a stronger resolve because of it.

6) The tour has really allowed all Swifties to show their true colors. My favorite part of any Taylor concert is the atmosphere in the audience. Swifites come from all over, dressed up and ready to enjoy the evening. Taylor built and fostered a community of fans who love and genuinely cherish her.

7) Taylor wouldn’t be Taylor without a special guest or two. During Style, Taylor brought out special guests at previous shows that strut down the runway with her. Everyone from Julia Roberts to the USWNST to Karlie Kloss have walked with her down the runway. I’m still waiting for my invite…

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 7.50.43 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 7.51.03 PM

8) And if that weren’t enough, Taylor also invites guest artists  from a variety of genres to sing their hits on stage with her. These special guests come from a variety of genres and demonstrate what an eclectic mix of friends in the music industry she has. Artists ranging from Fetty Wap to Walk the Moon have performed on stage beside her. Who will be next in Los Angeles?


9) Taylor has the perfect backup dancers. After the whole Katy Perry scandal, Taylor was more meticulous when choosing her backup dancers for the 1989 World Tour. However, being meticulous paid off. The dancers for the 1989 World Tour are beyond excited to work with her. Exhibit A:

10) It wouldn’t be a Taylor concert without a throwback. Towards the end of the concert, Taylor has sung a throwback song from one of her previous albums or singles. In Arizona she sang Ronan because his mom was there and was the cowriter for that song. A few shows before that, Taylor sang Never Grow Up and dedicated it to her godson, Leo Thames. Leave it to Taylor to do everything with grace and thoughtfulness.

11) Taylor provides all attendees with light up wristbands. The wristbands make the entire audience look bright during the show, that’ll happen when all 50,000 people in the crowd are waving their hands back and forth. Not to mention it saved a group of girls lives.


12) What is Loft 89? If chosen for Loft 89, the admitted get to hangout with Taylor after the show and eat pizza and take priceless pictures. Because there are so many attendees, Swifties try to dress up and take pictures to stand out in any way they can. The key is to get noticed by Mama Swift or Taylor Nation. We’ll see how my luck goes this tour. Either way I’m determined to enjoy the show.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.44.41 PM13) “It’s like the worst hangover you’ll ever have in your entire life” one Swiftie wrote on her tumblr as she tried to explain what life was like after the concert. The high of 1989 is unlike any other and often leaves people feeling low after. So how do you get over it? How am I supposed to go to school on August 31st like nothing? You feel like you connected with Taylor on a personal level and have inside jokes with her from the show. I guess the only way I’ll get over it is by realizing that Taylor is writing her next album right now, as I type. She’s living her dream. But guess what? We are too because we are alive in the era of 1989 and Taylor Swift.

SANTA CLARA, CA - AUGUST 15:  (L-R) Actress Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift and musician Joan Baez appear together during Swift's "The 1989 World Tour" at Levi's Stadium on August 15, 2015 in Santa Clara, California.  (Photo by John Medina/LP5/Getty Images for TAS)

Pretty soon, I’ll be able to tell you for myself what exactly the 1989 World Tour is all about. I’m seeing her Monday, August 24th and Saturday, August 29th. I can’t wait to tell you how enchanting it really is.

Check back later this week for another Secret of SoCal that will knock you out of the ball park.

And remember- Take Care of This Moment.

(All photos were screenshot from tumblr or instagram with the exception of the picture of me- none of the tour pictures are mine.)
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