OK, I’m not trying to be dramatic about this, I promise.

The first week of school came and went and I barely survived. People kept saying, “but it was syllabus week… why are you so stressed?” Well six classes, an internship, a job, and my Taylor Swift obsession kept me pretty busy. I needed a break from week one. I decided I was going to relax and unwind, maybe grab a bite to eat, anything to get my mind off of school. Next thing I knew, I found myself craving a hotdog. To be specific, I found myself craving a Dodger Dog while watching a Jake Arrieta throw a no-hitter.

This week’s Secret of SoCal is Dodger Stadium.


Dodgers Stadium has been home to the Los Angeles Dodgers for the past 53 years. The third oldest ballpark in MLB History, this 56,000 capacity stadium has seen it all. Club soccer matches, exhibition baseball during the Olympics, NHL stadium series game, and so much more has happened within the vicinity. It is fascinating to think of the all of the athletes who have walked through the park.


Some friends and I decided to head to Dodger Stadium last week and see what all of the excitement was about. Honestly, I’m much more of a football fan but I figured what do I have to lose?

It turned out that watching baseball in person was exponentially more exciting than watching baseball on television. It’s hard to appreciate the slow-paced nature of baseball on television. But when watching it in person, it was easy to overlook that slow pace because there were so many other things to observe. I was constantly overstimulated by the numerous scents and sights.


Around the fourth inning I found my stomach rumbling. I knew without a doubt it was time to try an infamous Dodger Dog. As I opened up the foil wrapped hot dog, my mouth was watering from the steamy, delicious smell. The ten-inch hot dog drizzled in mustard made for the perfect dinner. I can’t honestly tell you what’s in it, but that’s all part of the fun, right?

The Dodger fans in our section were extremely dedicated. There was a group of gentlemen sitting next to us discussing player stats of not only our team, but also the opposing team. Even though we were clearly losing and the umpire was making correct calls, it was funny to see how fans didn’t give up hope and consistently blamed the umpire. Sports fanatics- cant live with em, can’t live without em.


My trip to Dodgers Stadium knocked me out of the ballpark. Check out baseball games going on at a location near you!

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