The holiday season is rapidly approaching and you know what that means?! Pumpkin spice lattes, consumerism, and lots of family time, OH MY! If you’re anything like me, the holidays are the best time of the year, but also slightly overwhelming. I found the perfect Secret of SoCal for an evening of “you time” during the chaos of the holidays.

This week’s Secret of SoCal is Sunset Cliffs


Last weekend I visited Sunset Cliffs in San Diego and witnessed the beauty of nature. Located directly off of Sunset Cliffs Drive, this tranquil location allows visitors to forget every day stressors and soak up the sun. Although along a busy street, there are ample parking options on Sunset Cliffs Drive and in the neighboring residential areas. Visitors never have to worry about finding a parking spot.


The cliffs are perfect for dates of any kind, including dates with man’s best friend because Sunset Cliffs is a dog friendly location. Not only is this location perfect for a date with man’s best friend, but it is also the perfect location for a romantic date. Spotted: young love in its prime. This young, very random couple had the right idea on this cold November evening.


There are numerous danger signs that run along side the cliff and aren’t just for decoration. If there are so many danger signs, people know not to jump off, right? Wrong. It is illegal to jump off the edge of the cliffs, but this summer alone, over 100 individuals posted videos of themselves jumping off Sunset Cliffs on social media.


Although we took a slight detour on our way home and almost ended up in Mexico (we took the 5 South instead of 5 North…oops) this was my favorite adventure yet. It is hard to fathom that another 365 days have come and gone and the holidays are here. As days get shorter and to-do lists get longer, Sunset Cliffs is the perfect getaway.


Check back next week for the Thanksgiving edition of Secrets of SoCal!

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