Tea for two & two for tea! No, this isn’t a tribute to Doris Day and her 1950’s hit “Tea for Two”…this is a tribute to really good tea.

As my Jeffrey Campbell booties clunked along the uneven cement sidewalk, I tried to pinpoint what exactly I was craving. In a city full of delicious lattes, sharp espressos and creamy macchiatos… I opted for tea. Off to Alfred’s Tea Room I went!

Melrose Avenue is known for shops that scream character and trend. Needless to say, Alfred’s Tea Room exceeds that standard; the bubble-pop-electric-pink doorway greets customers and invites them to tea time. The cutesy, feminine vibe is woven into every intricate detail at Alfred’s. Even the writing on the menu and the neon sign above the register contributes to the overall ambiance. Unlike other Alfred locations, Alfred’s Tea Room exclusively serves tea and one type of cold brew.

From matcha to chai, none of the teas are bland or ordinary; Alfred’s takes the common misconception of tea and raises it to a level of extraordinary. After some deliberation, I ordered the rose boba tea with soy milk. I wasn’t sure if the rose flavor would be subtle or overtake the whole beverage. With one sip, I was surprised at how noticeable the rose flavor was, but I knew I made the right choice. Similar to Alfred’s Coffee, drinks cost around five dollars. However, it’s not the drink, but the experience that makes Alfred’s worth the visit.

After ordering my drink, I sat on a bar stool at the limited indoor seating area across from the register. Most customers take their drinks outside to a neighboring patio to enjoy the California sunshine, but I wanted to soak up the intricate details that make Alfred’s Tea Room unlike your average coffee shop. Grab your friends, grab your credit card (because they don’t accept cash, fyi) and go grab some tea at Alfred’s Tea Room!

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