As my car crawled through bumper-to-bumper traffic toward this week’s Secret of SoCal , I wondered why there was so much congestion on a Thursday afternoon. Where was my destination, you ask?

Why, it was The Grammy Museum.

Located in the heart of L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, The Grammy Museum housed interactive and educational exhibits.  The Grammy Museum, originally built in 2008, was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grammy awards. Each floor led me through stimulating and unique stories.

In the uncharacteristically hot March afternoon, I stepped off the streets of downtown Los Angeles and through the double doors of the Grammy Museum to be greeted by museum employees. They provided me with beneficial information about the museum and exhibits I would potentially be interested in. I excitedly entered the elevators on my left and up to the second floor we went.

The ping of the elevator suggested that I had arrived on the second floor. This floor housed temporary exhibits, the gift shop, and the Clive Davis Theater. Temporary exhibits are developed by the museum and borrowed from other museums all over the world. Currently, the second floor is home to the Taylor Swift Experience, a one of a kind interactive experience that gave fans a peek into the mind of the superstar.


This exhibit displayed hand written lyrics, never before seen footage, a dance floor from the Shake It Off music video, and guitars used by Taylor (because she and I are on a first name basis.) I spent hours on this floor and soaked up everything Taylor. This experience opened December 13, 2014 on Taylor’s 25th birthday, and will remain at the Grammy Museum until May 10th, 2015. I highly recommend delving into everything Taylor on the second floor. I know I did.


After that amazing experience, I thought, how can this museum get better? It did once we reached the third floor of the museum and arrived at the Grammys. The path in front of us housed a giant replica of a Grammy, and adjacent to that were many of the outfits celebrities wore to the Grammys. On this floor I soaked up knowledge about the history of the Grammys and the evolution of the award show. Also, I utilized the multitude of Roland interactive electronic instruments that further solidified all the musical talent I don’t have. Nevertheless, it proved to be an amazing hands on experience, once again.


Up the stairs we went to the final floor of the Grammy Museum. The fourth floor housed data-rich historical accounts of the Grammys and the artists that contributed to the award show. I was floored due to the surplus of knowledge weaved into every educational film and artifact. On the far left of the fourth floor was the Crossroads table, a main attraction on this floor. On this interactive display, I encountered one hundred and sixty genres that I could explore. Once I selected a genre of my choice, I could further explore music, pictures, and history from within that genre. The overwhelming amounts of knowledge presented on this floor alone excited and inspired me.


Each floor of the Grammy museum told a beautiful story of music and the history that coincides with music. I was ecstatic exploring this Secret of SoCal, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Check back next Saturday, March 14th for another Secret of SoCal.

See you next week and remember, Take Care of This Moment. 

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