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What a day to be alive! There is nothing like some sibling rivalry on this lovely Sunday afternoon. There I was, sitting at Islands restaurant, eyeing our cute waiter. All of a sudden, my brother picked a fight about something or another (mind you, we are in our early twenties…yeah, sibling rivalry is a thing.) I may or may not have provided an excellent rebuttal to his weak argument. Regardless of the fact that I was right, my mother interrupted and vehemently insisted we, “build a bridge and get over it.”

OK mom, sure thing. Her comment really got me thinking. Where would this bridge be? What would it look like? Would our cute waiter be there? My mind immediately wandered to one of my favorite bridges and Secrets of SoCal.

This week’s Secret of SoCal is Spruce Street Suspension Bridge.


Located just west of First Street in Banker’s Hill, San Diego, Spruce Street Suspension Bridge was engineered by Edwin Capps in 1912. It was originally built to provide pedestrian passage across Kate Sessions Canyon and provide greater access to the streetcar.

Don't look

When I walked onto the bridge, I immediately felt the slight wobble that is a defining characteristic of all suspension bridges. My eyes wandered straight ahead and scanned the numerous groups of people sitting on the bridge eating the lunch and enjoying their afternoon. The bridge provided a relaxed, welcoming aura to all visitors.


Along the cables, I noticed numerous locks on the side of the bridge. It is rumored that couples that visited this landmark often leave “Locks of Love” signed by both partners as a sign of their love.


My gaze moved past the locks and into the canyon as I admired the greenery and the sprinkled dirt paths. It felt very Jurassic Park-esque. Hikers roamed through the depths of the canyon and ventured on the sprinkled trails while I happily watched from the bridge. As my feet dangled off the bridge between the cables, I was quite comfortable peering off into the sunset. I contemplated my latest plot to kill my brother with kindness and potentially end the feud.


I highly recommend visiting this unique landmark. Check back next week for another Secret of SoCal.

And remember- Take Care of This Moment.


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