This week’s Secret of SoCal is Olvera Street

Established in 1930, Olvera Street was the brainchild of Christine Sterling, an American entrepreneur who advocated for the preservation of Mexican culture in Downtown Los Angeles. She fundraised the means for the restoration of the historic remains from Spanish settlers. Her idea was to convert these remains into an authentic Mexican marketplace. Today, we know this authentic Mexican marketplace as Olvera Street.

Olvera Street remains a hidden gem due to it’s concealed location within the chaotic streets of Historic Downtown Los Angeles. At the entrance, a zigzag brick pathway meets patrons and guides them along the block-long marketplace. They are transported to a location rich with culture and heritage. Brick walls enclose this location and provide the elusion that visitors are shopping in an authentic Mexican marketplace.


While I meandered along, I attempted to soak up every colorful and aromatic detail. Olvera Street houses an array of unique shops. Some of the venders descend from the original store owners in 1930. I stopped at a vendor and made one of the best investments of my life. I purchased two homemade pan dulces. Their sugary exterior and soft, chewy interior made for a delicious afternoon snack. A few of my favorite stores are featured in this week’s video. Click the link below to see a preview of what Olvera Street vendors have to offer.

This street is full of culture and pride for latinos such as myself. I truly had an amazing time exploring the history of Los Angeles, and falling in love with another Secret of SoCal. I highly recommend you visit Olvera Street and Historic Downtown Los Angeles.

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