In 2015, the state of New York had an estimated 19,795,791 residents, and still continues to grow! While discussing these astounding numbers with a coworker at lunch yesterday, he mentioned that although it is illegal not to recycle in the state of New York, he wasn’t convinced that recycling was even beneficial. This conversation got me thinking, how many New York residents wholeheartedly understand the rhyme and reason behind the push for sustainability?

This week’s Secret of SoCal is the Cool Globe art exhibit in Battery Park.

This public art exhibit aims to educate passerbyers about the need to recycle and live in a more sustainable manner. The twelve globe sculptures contain artistic and meaningful messages intended to call to action both individuals and businesses about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Some of the designs illustrate increasing energy efficiency, utilizing post-consumer materials, recycling plastics and compost, utilizing green landscapes… the list is endless!

Earlier this year, when Governor Cuomo announced this art exhibit, he encouraged New Yorkers to “visit this exhibition and learn more about what [New Yorkers] can do to help combat climate change.” Simultaneously, Governor Cuomo announced that New York would have its first ever Climate Week from September 22-29th. The purpose of this week is to continue to change the attitude toward climate change and stand out like the global leader New York state is.

Battery Park hasn’t always been home to the Cool Globe art exhibit. This exhibit originally debuted in Chicago in 2007, and has since been displayed in locations around the world such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Jerusalem, Washington DC, Houston, Geneva, Jerusalem, and many more.

Hurry and stop by Battery Park before November 20 to visit the Cool Globe art exhibit and learn more about how you can contribute to the prevention of climate change. You won’t regret it!

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