What would you do for New York’s best cookie ? Would you wait in one of New York’s infamously long lines? Would you take a car, train and subway in one day? I would, I did and here’s why you should too.


I should start off by mentioning that is a bit of a waiting game; I went to on a Thursday afternoon and the wait was only about 45 minutes outside and 10 minutes inside. The length of your wait depends on the day and time you go; I have friends who waited up to four hours! Patrons start off by waiting in line across the street from Dō, and receive a card once they reach the front of the line. The hardest part of the waiting? Inching along Laguardia Place watching people eat their mounds of chunky and sweets.

Courtesy of @cookiedonyc

Courtesy of @cookiedonyc

At the front of the line, I received the circular piece of paper that was my ticket in, and headed across the street to the entrance of . The line inside snaked around the small shop and lasted only about ten minutes. My eyes scanned the rainbow polka dots on the walls, the neon sign that cleverly spelled out ‘dreams dough come true’ and the lighting fixtures in the shape baking whisks. Even the decor in was sweet!


There were about 16 flavors and workers were very generous with samples! I decided on a scoop of Oatmeal M&M and a scoop of Gimme S’more. In retrospect, two scoops of cookie dough was overly ambitious because I only finished about an eighth of my dough. Two scoops cost $7 and it was worth every sugary bite. Not to mention, there were more tasty treats besides just cookie dough, such as blondie brownies, nutella infused cupcakes and a variety of cookies.

So grab friends who don’t mind a wait, bring some water (because the dough is super sweet) and head to 550 LaGuardia Place….it’s Dōlicious.

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