Lights. Camera. Action.

We’ve all been there. Perhaps not as dramatically as myself, but we’ve all been there. We had a taste, felt a touch, smelt a stench of our hopes and dreams before us. Then, just like that, we were back in our boring-ass everyday lives. Did we dream up that whole thing?!

This week’s Secret of SoCal is the ESPY Award Show.


This year I worked at the award show and experienced numerous life changing events. The Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award Show, more commonly known as the ESPYS, has been an annual attraction since 1993. The ESPYS celebrate achievements, individually and for teams, throughout the calendar year. In addition, recognition is given to admirable people in the sports community.


Although there is plenty of glitz and glam at the ESPYS, there is also a charitable aspect to the award show. A portion of all proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the V foundation, an entity created by Jim Valvano to promote cancer research. We all remember Stuart Scott and his amazing speech from last year, right? There is a Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund set up by the foundation, demonstrating how closely the sports community works with The V Foundation.

Since 2008, the ESPYS had been hosted from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. This year there was a special buzz about the show because it was not only telecasted on ESPN, but also on ABC. The days prior to the ESPY telecast were beyond chaotic… yet I loved every minute of it. Witnessing hard-core athletes talk about their passions left me speechless.


The highlight of the week was when I strutted down the red carpet (not really at all but work with me, ok?) In previous years when I watched the ESPYS at home I saw what the cameras wanted me to see; the athletes, the main sports anchors, and the red carpet. In person, however, there are so many more dimensions to the event.

The set up alone required an army of people to create each press location, let alone get each celebrity or athlete from one location to another. The behind the scenes staff worked like a well-oiled machine. It was fascinating to see the set go up in less than 72 hours. And yes, to answer your question, the red carpet really is that plush.


It was crazy to witness how many people are required to make a production like the ESPYS work. The invigorating experience solidified my resolve to someday work in a similar field. I loved the action and craziness of it all.

As I nostalgically type on my keyboard, I reminisce about the memories from those few amazing days at the ESPYS. Should I continue to strive to achieve my dream (for more than a few days), or do I remain complacent with a typical desk job after college? I choose fighting for my dream. You’ll be able to find me next July at the ESPYS.

Until then, be sure to check out another Secret of SoCal next week.

And remember, Take Care of This Moment.


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  1. I LOVE this post! i’m so proud of all the work you did during the ESPYS? And thank you for making this year so much fun for me too! Already looking forward to next year!

    Love you,

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