Don’t let the abnormally high temperatures fool you. My favorite season is officially here! You know what that means? It’s time to nest and decorate for fall. My roommates and I were inspired to decorate our house for fall after finishing our midterms but we didn’t know where to start. We took to the World Wide Web and discovered the chicest home décor store in all of Southern California.

This week’s Secret of SoCal is UNI Home Store.


Located in Costa Mesa off of Hyland Avenue, UNI Home Store has everything you never knew you needed. I am no interior designer, however I do dabble from time to time. My experience at UNI Home Store definitely made decorating seem more enticing than ever.


Not only were we greeted by beautiful displays of succulents and greenery, but also by sweet fragrances and candles. One of my favorite aspects of UNI Home Store is that you can build your own terrarium. I mean, who doesn’t like a terrarium or five? I know we certainly did. Plus, they are drought friendly because they require minimal water…how very Californian of us.


Once I got past the magical garden, I was immediately awestruck by the beautiful aesthetics that were sprinkled wall to wall throughout the entire store. Everything from the amazingly scented candles to the funny books caught my eye while I was meandering within.


One of the qualities I loved most about UNI Home Store, besides the pillows with the cute expressions, was the customer service. Not only was the sales associate, Joey, helpful, but Joey also listened to what we were looking for and helped us find similar items. Because of the attentive customer service, we may have found too many cute things (if that’s even possible).


My trip to UNI Home Store was beyond satisfying and piqued my interest in home decor. I highly recommend a trip to UNI Home Store to perk up your house, apartment, garden, room, and/or office. Who knows what you’ll find?


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