Someone wise once told me, “you will never find the right if you do not let go of the wrong.” In other words, goodbye Starbucks and helloooo Philz Coffee!

This week’s Secret of SoCal is Philz Coffee in Santa Monica

Located at 525 Santa Monica Blvd, a trip to Philz Coffee is the perfect addition to any day. Opening at 5:30 am daily, Philz Coffee consistently attracts patrons because of their “one cup at a time” motto. Each coffee is individually tailored to customer’s specific requests. As I drove along Santa Monica Blvd craving a cup of coffee, I spotted Philz out of the corner of my eye. The main reason Philz Coffee stood out to me was the line out the door! I parked a block over at meter and figured I’d give it a try.


Philz Coffee does things a little differently than most coffee shops; at Philz Coffee you don’t pay for your coffee and order it simultaneously at the register. Here, patrons are called over by baristas one person at a time to order their unique drink. While in line, I noticed that there were about four different baristas taking orders with their customers. Because it was my first time at Philz Coffee, I wasn’t sure what to order! The barista talked me through her favorite drinks, as well as the most popular drinks at their location. She suggested I try the Mint Mojito Ice Coffee. Would I like it? I had no idea. But you know what they say: when in Rome…or in this case when at Philz Coffee.


After I ordered my drink, I paid at the register adjacent to the ordering area. Small drinks were four dollars and large drinks were five dollars. While I waited for my drink, I people watched the patrons present at Philz Coffee. Maybe it’s because it was Santa Monica, or maybe it’s because it was a Friday morning, but the patrons of Philz Coffee were all hip, young, and seemingly attractive.


Let’s get back to my actual coffee- it was unlike anything I’ve had before. The same barista who took my drink order made my drink and was genuinely interested in my opinion about the coffee! This mint, creamy, sweet coffee was delicious. Personally, I’m not a huge cream person so I substituted cream for vanilla soy milk. Even with the substitute, the coffee still had a creamy taste but it wasn’t overpowering the other flavors. Taking my first sip of the frothy coffee was unexpectedly refreshing, not bitter or overly sweet like I worried it might be. I grabbed my coffee, walked five blocks, and enjoyed a stroll along the Santa Monica Pier on the slightly overcast morning.


Be sure to check out Philz Coffee in Santa Monica, or at one of their other locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Washington D.C.! You wont regret their custom coffee that’ll kick start your day.

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