Change (n): the act or instance of making or becoming different.

It is often a hard pill to swallow. Pets run away.  Loved ones die. Wars happen without reason or rhyme. We grow up, getting older every second of every day. The thing is, life doesn’t stop and neither do these changes.

So how do we continue to move forward in this world of uncertainty? How do we remain hopeful? Colette Miller pondered the same thing as she drove through Downtown Los Angeles, California one typical traffic-ridden day. In 2012 while slowly inching forward in her car, Colette noticed the numerous negative subliminal messages from billboards and advertisements. Her inspiration for the Global Wings Project birthed from that car ride. She realized society needed a reminder to remain hopeful.


In Joel Bloom Square, Colette painted her first set of wings. Numerous people posed with the wings, and before she knew it they were all over social media. In all honesty, that’s how I found out about the movement.

Colette painted wings all over Los Angeles, generally placing them where she felt the wings would be useful to provide hope to others. These wings are not only located in Los Angeles, but also Kenya, three of the biggest cities in Australia, Mexico, and other parts of the United States.


This one artist had the idea to spread love through street art and turned into a sensation. Her initial idea took flight and has inspired numerous individuals. It’s amazing how one woman could be so creative and so passionate.


Taking pictures with the wings is a reminder that people change, things happen, and life doesn’t stop for anybody… however, even in the worst of situations, hope can be found. Check out Colette Miller’s website or watch her Ted Talk to learn more about the Global Wings Project.

Go out and find your wings. What do they mean to you?

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And remember- Take Care of This Moment.


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