It’s Monday. I’m not ready to Monday. “This week shouldn’t be that bad because last week we finished all those *insert grueling activities from last week* so this week should be so much easier.”

However, when we opened our weekly planners to today’s date, we noticed that this week would be anything but easy. How did this even happen!? As I softly cried into my textbook, I concluded that I needed a place to just chill out and escape from the incessant rollercoaster called early adulthood. But where on Earth is this “place”???

This week’s Secret of SoCal is The Last Bookstore.


Owned by Josh Spencer, The Last Bookstore remains the largest new and used independent bookstore in California, housing books, records, and one of a kind displays made of books. This independent bookstore buys, sells, and trades books that are added to the 250,000 book collection.

Housed in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore exudes feelings of solace and sanctuary to all the busy moms, tired college students, and everyone else in between. The wooden framed door is the threshold that patrons cross over, leading from chaos to calm. Book lovers constantly populate the open floor plan full of bound books and knowledgeable associates.


Okay, I’m sure you understood from my first sentence how priceless this bookstore is. But wait, there’s more. After being overly stimulated by the innumerable amount of books housed on the first floor, you are met by an entire mezzanine, a one-dollar section, and labyrinth made of entirely BOOKS just up a flight of stairs. The aesthetic appeal alone will invite patrons to wander around the bookshelves for hours.


Not only does The Last Bookstore offer this one of a kind environment, their products are just as attractive to customers. More specifically, the hard to find products such as vinyl records and graphic novels attract a regular customer base.


The Last Bookstore also offers a mix of interactive and social events for bookworms like you and I. Below are some upcoming events!

May 4th: Speakeasy/Open Mic Night from 7:45-10:45PM

May 7th: 100 Things Avengers Fans Should Know 7-9PM

May 8th: Juliana Romano’s First There Was Forever| Book Signing 7:30-9 PM

May 9th: Talking Color: Voices of Color 7:30-9:30 PM

May 13th: The Silent Reading Social Club 7-9PM

May 14th: Downtown Art Walk 12PM-12 AM

May 16th: Gallagher Lawson’s The Paper Man| Book Launch 7:30-9:30 PM

I hope to see you there! Check back next week for an adventure that is hands down my favorite location yet- I can’t wait to show you around!

Thanks for stopping by and remember- Take Care of This Moment.

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