You know how everyone always talks about the bigger picture? Look at the bigger picture. Think about the bigger picture. In the scheme of the bigger picture, the little things don’t matter. But what if it’s the little things that make the bigger picture worth looking at?

This week’s Secret of SoCal is Harper’s Topiary Garden.

IMG_5030 (1)

Located in Mission Hills, San Diego, Harper’s Topiary Garden emphasizes the need to see the beauty in the common things. The owner’s of the garden, the Harpers, created a unique masterpiece out of the greenery on the slope adjacent to their house.


As I observed my favorite shape, the rooster, I talked with one of the Harper’s neighbors. She told me about the evolution of the garden over the past ten to fifteen years. The unique shapes were inspired by gardens from around the world that the Harpers visited. With every new trip, new shapes were added.


This Secret of SoCal, just a short distance from the San Diego airport, is a perfect pit stop for visitors in San Diego. When initially looking at Harper’s Topiary Garden, it is easy to overlook the detail. However, when looking closely at each individual plant, you can see a different story being told, making the entire garden more magical. So maybe it isn’t always the bigger picture that is important. Maybe it’s the little things that are special, just like Harper’s Topiary Garden.


The Harpers (and their gardener) continuously put their hearts into their garden, demonstrating how a little passion goes a long way. Check back tomorrow for a special Thanksgiving post.

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