Crank the music up, roll down your windows, and take some Dramamine because we have a long drive ahead of us. Where are we off to, you ask? We are going to cruise along the California Coast and see our next Secret of SoCal.

During our six hour journey along the winding highway, (only three hours of which I had cell phone service aka the real struggle), we encountered multiple picturesque locations. Three of these unique stops will be highlighted in the California Coast Mini Series, a three week series of adventures along Highway 1.

This week’s Secret of SoCal, and first stop on the California Coast Mini Series, is the Bixby Creek Bridge.


As we sped along Highway 1, before we lost cell phone service, we searched online to find out more about the Bixby Creek Bridge and it’s origin. The Bixby Creek Bridge, more commonly known as the Bixby Bridge, is located thirteen miles south of Carmel in Monterey County, California.


Originally built in 1932, this bridge was intended to help residents of Big Sur who were often stranded during winter seasons due to the impassable Old Coast Road. This bridge is one of the tallest single-span concrete bridges in the world. Crazy, right?!

Fast forward a few hours, many winding hills, and a whole lot of nausea, we arrived. Pulling off the highway and into the dirt parking spot parallel to the coastline, we were instantly greeted by the smell of the crisp ocean air. As tourists meandered forward towards the greenery blanketed on the hill, the view evolved into more than a bridge. Viewers could peer down into the ocean where the shades of blue faded together. Immediately, the winding roads and ensuing car sickness felt like a small price to pay. The beautiful bridge exuded a sense of serenity that I, and every other visitor, felt.


This regional landmark has such great aesthetic appeal and is commonly used in commercials, photographs, stamps, and many other mediums. My friends and I befriended a couple from out of state who was driving along the coast for the first time. They, too, expressed how authentic beauty such as this is such a novelty to come by.

I highly recommend visiting the Bixby Creek Bridge located just 13 miles south of Carmel along Highway 1. This serene and one of a kind view is breathtaking.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this week’s Secret of SoCal, Part 1 of the Cruising the Cali Coast Mini Series.

Check back next week for part 2. Remember-Take Care of This Moment.

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  1. I just drove on this bridge back in December. The ride up the coast to Monterey is stunning. Great pics!

  2. One more bucket list bullet to add…very NICE! Thank YOU

  3. Gorgeous Photos…How fun to find all these secret little adventures!!

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