Picture this: It’s two weeks before Spring Break and you are literally drowning. Yes, drowning! Okay, maybe not literally drowning. However, you are figuratively drowning. Why? Because your teachers are giving you assignment after project after midterm. Add into that equation a part-time job and some extracurricular activities. Honestly, all you want to do is drive to the beach for a few hours to relax!

That’s exactly what I did to detox from the craziness of midterms. 

Last weekend I ventured to Shaw’s Cove located in the heart Laguna Beach. My friends and I were in search of a study break, but stumbled upon a small haven from all the responsibilities of young adulthood.

The atmosphere of Shaw’s Cove envelops you with salty air and aesthetic appeal. The beach is quaint and not overly populated so the “beach to person” ratio is ideal. This waterfront has something that everyone will enjoy. Shaw’s Cove has a perimeter of rocks that are safe to stroll along and explore the sea urchins and tide pools. Who doesn’t enjoy befriending a hermit crab or two?


Not only can you wander along the rocks to see life under water, but you can snorkel underwater and see it up close too. Shaw’s Cove is a prominent location for snorkeling due to the crystal clear water and multitude of wild life. In addition, you can take kayaks and paddle boards along the shore with ease. The eclectic mix of water activities is endless.

When the tide was calm, I enjoyed soaking up the sun and wading through the water. During high tide, however, the tide took over majority of the beach. Truthfully, high tide was a minor issue compared to all of the positive aspects that this beach has.

My trip to Shaw’s Cove was a study break that I didn’t want to end. I’m ecstatic that I found a little slice of paradise to enjoy all year long.

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And remember, Take Care of This Moment.

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3 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach; Shaw’s Cove.

  1. Ocean pics are awesome. Can’t wait to visit during the summer!

  2. How fun! I felt like I was on a break with you just reading this!

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