This week’s Secret of SoCal is the Observation Deck at Los Angeles City Hall.

From 1928-1964, Los Angeles City Hall was the tallest building in Los Angeles. Standing at 454 feet tall, this 27 floor building provides a jaw dropping, 360-degree skyline view of my favorite metropolitan area.

I know what you’re thinking…How do you get to the observation deck? Enter City Hall off Main through the public entrance. You’ll be required to go through a metal detector, then asked to show a valid ID at the front desk. After going through security, they’ll give you directions on how to get to the 27th floor.

Take the express elevator on the 1st floor to the 22nd floor.

Take a different elevator to the 26th floor.

Walk up one flight of stairs to the 27th floor.

The top floor is surrounded by glass windows and doors that lead to the amazing observation deck. The day I visited City Hall, the sky couldn’t have been more clear. I could see all ends of Los Angeles County; everywhere from The Broad Museum to the Hollywood sign to the beach was within sight.

Although City Hall is in the midst of the downtown bustle, I didn’t have a hard time finding a place to park. I used the Wells Fargo parking lot just three blocks over. There are also numerous meters along the adjacent streets if you’re lucky enough to find one.

I highly recommend visiting the observation deck on the 27th floor of Los Angeles City Hall! It is open weekdays between 9 am-5 pm and is completely free! Check back next week for another Secret of SoCal.

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