Adulting (v): to act like a grown up and have responsibilities such as a 9-5 job, a car payment, and/or a rent.

Example: Erica was tired of adulting so she decided to go to Sender One Climbing, Yoga, Fitness & Funtopia after work to have some fun!

This week’s Secret of SoCal is Sender One Climbing.


Located off of the 55 Freeway in Santa Ana, Sender One Climbing is an indoor rock-climbing center and the perfect athletic outlet. In addition to the different rock walls, there are yoga classes, a gym, and a children’s funtopia. Sender One is open seven days a week, hours varying daily (Monday-Friday 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm, Sunday 8:00 am- 8:00pm). An all day pass for Sender One is $20 and $7 for shoes, a harness, and a chalk bag rental package.


I had never been indoor (or outdoor) rock-climbing so I was a bit nervous that I would embarrass myself or physically not be able to climb any of the walls (SOS). However, it was the complete opposite…almost. The walls were somewhat daunting at first because a lot of other climbers were very experienced and could flawlessly scale the hardest walls. However, after a few tries, I realized that these walls were totally doable!


Let me let you in on the craziest part of my experience at Sender One: some of the best climbers were five-year olds! It was definitely embarrassing having a small child flawlessly scale past me as my hands struggled to grip the rocks. It was a humbling experience, but it demonstrated how there are numerous levels at Sender One.


Not only were the staff and Sender One community friendly, they were also clean! From the bathrooms to the actual rock climbing area, everything was super sanitary. There were also cubbies to store your possessions in the climbing area so you didn’t have to worry about anyone stepping on your stuff.

My evening at Sender One was extremely enjoyable. I will definitely be back for more fun. Be sure to check out Sender One and seek heights you didn’t think you physically could.

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