Being 2,700 miles away from home occasionally leaves me with emotional voids that can only be filled with the Los Angeles skyline, west coast sunsets, and smog-filled air… At least that’s what I thought. Last weekend, I visited a city that I loved almost as much as SoCal, and I found the perfect place to see the city in its prime.

This week’s Secret of SoCal is the Skywalk Observatory in Boston.

Located in the Prudential Center, the Skywalk Observatory provides an unobstructed view of Boston’s seamless blend of historic, New England architecture with modern metropolitan infrastructure.  

From the 52nd floor, I could easily see Bostonians in their natural element: Red Sox fans singing Sweet Caroline at Fenway Park, bikers cruising through Boston Commons and Public Park, and student’s traveling to and from the many nearby universities. From the 360-degree panoramic view, I gained a different perspective of Boston, highlighting the diversity that is hidden within the perimeter of this city.

The Skywalk Observatory not only is open to the public everyday, but it also is available for private parties and social gatherings. Adult admission tickets are $18 (and only $14 with a student ID…even though I am no longer a student…shhh).

When purchasing my ticket, an employee, Andy, told me about the different events held at Skywalk Observatory. His favorite event so far was a wedding reception. I can only imagine the amazing pictures from this event!

You know the cliche “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone…”? After moving across the country, I understand the truth to that cliche and the necessity of appreciating the culture and geographical elements of every place I travel. Visiting Skywalk Observatory allowed me to better appreciate Boston. 

Check back next week for another Secret of SoCal!

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