This week’s Secret of SoCal is SoCal Corgi Beach Day.

Rain or shine, it’s never a bad time to celebrate the Corgi breed! Today was the summer SoCal Corgi Beach Day in Long Beach! If you’re anything like I was prior to attending my first beach day, you’re probably wondering what exactly is this event? Here are six short (because Corgis have short legs) facts about SoCal Corgi Beach Day!


1.When was the first SoCal Corgi Beach Day? SoCal Corgi Nation hosts the “Biggest Corgi PAWty in the Universe!” The first ever SoCal Corgi Beach Day was in fall of 2012; there were only 15 dogs that attended. Every year, this event continues to grow! Even with the gloom, there were hundreds of dogs that attended this year! That’s a lotta Corgi!

2. I know you want one….SoCal Corgi Nation used their platform for the good of Corgis! They teamed up with a local Corgi and Corgi mix rescue, Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue, to help find rescued Corgis new homes. SoCal Corgi Nation donates a portion of their proceeds to Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue to help save fellow low riders!

3. It’s better than NYFW. I’d be lying to you if I said that I looked more stylish than any of the Corgis at SoCal Corgi Beach Day. This event calls for Corgis to bring their A-game…It’s impressive how fashion forward these dogs are.

4. Who doesn’t love an Instagram model? These aren’t regular Corgis, they’re cool Corgis. Numerous regulars from SoCal Corgi Beach Day have instagram accounts….that are extremely popular! We are talking about thousands of followers on Instagram! They’re very photogenic so it’s hard not to love them.

5. West Coast, Best Coast. While I was making new, short-legged friends, I conversed with some of their owners and found out that a handful of attendees flew in for this event! Corgi lovers traveled everywhere from Oklahoma to Minnesota just to attend SoCal Corgi Beach Day! What more could you ask for? Corgis AND the beach make for the perfect afternoon.

6. Missed Corgi Beach Day? Don’t worry! There are more SoCal Corgi Beach Days coming up this year!

So plan your costume, limber up for doggie limbo, and mark your calendars- the next SoCal Corgi Beach Day will be here before you know it! To find out more information, visit their website or their facebook page! Check back next week for another Secret of SoCal!

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