Our to-do lists will always be full. We will always have laundry and need to go to the grocery store. Our dry cleaning will always need to be picked up. Even though I’m practically already basically a New Yorker (not really but I can dream) and love the fast paced lifestyle, sometimes I like to stop and smell the roses. Literally.


This week’s Secret of SoCal is The Central Garden at The Getty Center.

The Getty Center is a masterpiece in itself that has artwork intricately woven into every nook and cranny, including the outside garden. Created in 1992, The Central Garden was the masterpiece of Robert Irwin, an artist. The 134,000-square-foot garden consistently morphs into something different as the plants grow, seasons change, and additional plants are added.


The 500 varieties of plants evoked feelings of serenity as I meandered through the paths of the tranquil garden. The garden was the perfect place for an afternoon of relaxation. Walking along the shaded pathways, I observed the various scenic locations. I was in awe because I saw views of the Santa Monica Mountains and Los Angeles.

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The Central Garden is located in the heart of The Getty Center. My favorite aspect of the garden is Irwin’s motto, “Always changing, never twice the same.” These six words are carved into the plaza, signifying that his work of art is consistently changing and evolving. I also loved that the Central Garden temporarily wasn’t using their fountains due to the California drought.


My afternoon in The Central Garden was thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend you visit The Getty Center, especially The Central Garden.

IMG_2720Check back next week for another Secret of SoCal that will blow you out of the ballpark.

And remember- Take Care of This Moment.


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