Hidden along the San Pedro Cliffs, buried beneath the remains of a natural landslide, lies the post-apocalyptic playground known as Sunken City. Beginning in 1929, the land surrounding Point Fermin began to move approximately 11 inches a day until everything in the 40,000 square foot radius slid off the cliff into the ocean, displacing nearly 10.5 acres of occupied land.

Approximately 87 years later, images of Sunken City surfaced on social media and I knew I had to visit. I recommend parking at Point Fermin Park, located directly adjacent to Sunken City. One method of entering the gate surrounding Sunken City is climbing over the cement barrier, walking between the barrier and rod iron gate, and as the cliff begins to drop off, crawling underneath the gate. Exercise serious caution when entering this way!

I then walked along the dirt path until it declined and led to Sunken City. These graffiti-covered cement slabs are remains of streets and buildings!

While exploring Sunken City, I felt like I was on the set of The Force Awakens. However, the overwhelming amount of trash took away from the experience. People frequently visit Sunken City to drink, and leave their trash and broken glass behind. This attracts numerous squirrels that now reside in the remains of Sunken City.

I noticed about twenty other individuals, of varying ages, exploring the remains. This observation got me thinking- how on Earth did they successfully crawl under the gate and not fall off the cliff? After conversing with other visitors of Sunken City, I discovered a second, and much safer, entrance: an opening in the surrounding fence! The coordinates for this entrance are (33.706371,-118.289946). I highly recommend using this entrance!

I suggest wearing closed toed shoes when roaming around Sunken City. Grab your friends and head to San Pedro- it’s a once in a lifetime experience and you won’t regret it! Be sure to check back later this week for another Secret of SoCal!

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