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The wait was over! It was finally here. Free of rife, responsibility, and reason. Summer had arrived. I was beyond ready to swing into summer. As nostalgic and warm as I felt, a wooden splinter pricked me back to reality.

This week’s Secret of SoCal is Secret Swings located in La Jolla

On a gloomy summer afternoon, my friends and I parked our car in the Birch Aquarium parking lot at the bottom of Expedition Way in La Jolla. We knew with certainty that this adventure would be an amazing start to our summer.

Rather than exit the parking lot and make an immediate right to go towards the swings, we explored La Jolla Shores Drive and absorbed pieces of the beautiful campus of UC San Diego… who doesn’t love a scenic route or two or three? The unique architecture combined with the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere made for a priceless summer stroll.

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After we snapped a picture (or twelve), we continued up La Jolla Shores Drive to a dirt trail that directed us to this week’s secret destination. The set of Secret Swings gracefully dropped from a large tree branch that overlooked the ocean. Each of the three swings hung at different tiers and was carved from different types of wood. I could have swung on the wooden seats for hours.

The Secret Swings piqued our curiosity as to what other gems were buried within the trees. On the same dirt path we discovered two ladders that sat on top of one another, nailed into a tree. One by one we climbed the ladders to witness the birds-eye view. My friends were awe-struck by the beautiful view the site gave way to. I too was awe-struck… but it wasn’t the view of the ocean so much as the view of the very distant ground below me. But hey, I do it for the blog.


As we were about to walk back to our car, we encountered a student running on the trail. He mentioned another Secret Swing just down the dirt path. According to the student, the second swing was in the form of a bench and provided a stellar ocean view. We didn’t get to see the second swing, but I know it was equally as amazing.FullSizeRender 4

The one of a kind Secret Swings made for an amazing with the perfect people. Make sure to venture over to the Secret Swings:

Expedition Way, La Jolla, CA 92037

Coordinates for first swing: 32.867478, -117.248968

Coordinates for second swing: 32.864321, -117.247991

UPDATE: I regret to inform readers that as of March 21, 2016, I visited the location of the Secret Swings to find that they had been taken down. This was one of my favorite Secrets of SoCal and I will continue to update this post if I find anything new. 


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