Roses and sunflowers and tulips – OH MY! This week’s Secret of SoCal is The Flower District in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Flower District, a six-block floral market consisting of approximately 200 wholesale flower venders, is located within the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles. This six-block radius is the United States’ largest flower district and is an economical location to shop for large quantities of high quality flowers!

The Flower District began as a small market in Santa Monica about 100 years ago. The Los Angeles flower farmers drove downtown daily to sell their fresh flowers. Now, not only is there a main market, but also there are numerous storefronts that are considered to be part of the district. These storefronts run along Wall Street and San Julian Street.

After I parked in a small lot adjacent to the market, I walked to the main entrance and paid the small entrance fee: $1 on Saturdays and $2 on weekdays. It is easy to be overly stimulated while strolling between the aisles within The Flower District. Between the vibrant spectrum of colors and the fresh scents, it is impossible to take everything in at a single glance.  

I frequently overheard patrons discuss purchasing flowers for weddings! If you’re crafty, this is the ideal place to buy supplies for creating bouquets and centerpieces on a budget. The flowers are lush, fresh, and of greater selection than at your average flower shop.

Regardless of if you’re buying flowers for a wedding or event, The Flower District is one of the best districts in Los Angeles due to its foundation of history, hard work, and vibrant flowers. Be sure to check out the Los Angeles Flower District in Downtown Los Angeles!

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