Did you know that stressed spelled backwards is desserts? When I have a long day ahead of me, I love to start my mornings on a sweet note. However, as a firm believer in eating healthy, how do I justify indulging without feeling any guilt? By eating handcrafted, organic, GMO-free pastries from The Rye Truck.

Ryes and Shine, and head to the baby-blue food truck located in front of Mrs. B’s consignment store in Old Town Tustin. The Rye Truck emphasizes hand-crafted production, resulting in higher-quality pastries. It’s mantra is about thoughtfully crafting products and connecting to the community.

The Rye Truck in Old Town Tustin courtesy of The Rye Truck

The Rye Truck in Old Town Tustin courtesy of The Rye Truck

On the morning I visited The Rye Truck, the owner’s brother mentioned that the bakery on wheels was the brainchild of his sister; she used the skills learned at Le Cordon Bleu and her culinary passion to build the brand. I loved how personable AND knowledgeable the staff was about their products.

I purchased two different pastries, my favorite being the Fruity Pop Tart ($4). The tart left my mouth watering. The flakey crust had bubble gum pink glaze spread on the top, and was lightly sprinkled with fruity pebbles. Not to mention, the inside of the crust was filled with rich, chunky preserves.

Another favorite was the Berry Brioche Bun ($4). Made from a doughnut-like consistency, the sweet and sticky bun was dripping with icing and sprinkled with crumbs. Berry preserves pooled in the middle of the bun, adding a flavorful flare.

Would I go back to The Rye Truck? Without a doubt. How else would I be able to try their other treats such as the Bacon Potato Cheddar Pop Tart or the Rye Banana Bread. Be sure to check out The Rye Truck Tuesdays (8a-10:30a), Fridays (8a-10:30a) or Sundays (9a-12p) located at 115 W. Main Street.

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