I feel goosebumps thinking about how Dean broke up with Rory at the Stars Hollow dance marathon. I feel stomach cramps from silent laughter when thinking about how Ross’ petulant bellows (“WE WERE ON A BREAK”) reverberated off the walls of Rachel and Monica’s apartment. I feel a wave of sadness wash over me when thinking about Richard’s comforting reminder to Isla about “always having Paris” in the timeless classic, Casablanca.

The productions we know and love aren’t merely facades and fictions, but the background story to our lives. Because of this, I was a bit hesitant to visit Warner Brothers Studios in fear of destroying my favorite illusions.

At the start of the tour, all visitors watched an intro video; it opened my eyes to the volume of  productions that come from Warner Brothers! Visitors were then split into groups of 12, introduced to their guide, and carted off to the back lot! Our guide inquired about our favorite productions and filled us in with trivia during the tour. We explored everything from the Harry Potter/DC Universe Exhibit to the original Batmobiles to Ellen Degeneres’ set!

At certain parts of the three hour tour, we explored some of the sets on foot. My favorite part? Learning that Stars Hollow wasn’t just Stars Hollow…it’s also where the Geller’s lived, where Mia worked in La La Land, a cupcake shop in Pretty Little Liars, a balcony used in Casablanca– the list is endless. Not to mention, a small pathway near Ms. Patty’s was also used as “Central Park” when Phoebe and Rachel ran in “The One Where Phoebe Runs”!

On one of our last stops, we explored the stage filled with props, props and (you guessed it) more props. It reminded me of a TJ Maxx Home Goods….there was a lot to find in there! However, the best stage was saved for last, Stage 48: Script to Screen. This stop was interactive and displayed different phases of the production process. Visitors could listen to casting for different movies and tv shows, ride broomsticks and even hold an Oscar!

After three hours of learning more about my favorite productions, it was nice to put my feet up and grab a cup of coffee….at the Central Perk!! I couldn’t find Gunther, but it was an amazing way to end an informative, interactive tour. I highly recommend visiting the Warner Brothers backlot and learning more about your productions!

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