Times Square, New York

Public Service Announcement: This week we blew into a location a bit more Easterly for our Secret of SoCal due to an unexpected tornado. Don’t worry, our airplane didn’t land on the Wicked Witch, it landed on the tarmac at John F Kennedy Airport.

New York City, we have arrived!


As our taxi crawled through the concrete jungle towards our boutique hotel, The Pearl, my mouth was round with awe. Bloggers- we aren’t in SoCal anymore.

Broadway, and Brooklyn, and Central Park, OH MY! This land that I heard of once in a lullaby (Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift if I am being honest) had a vibe that I immediately fell in love with. For my 21st birthday, my mom and aunt took me to New York. I cannot wait to tell you all about my trip over the next two posts.


Just like it would be impossible to explore all of SoCal in five days, it was impossible to explore all of New York in five days (and write a literature review…probably why it didn’t get done until the plane ride home. Oops.)

I found one of my favorite locations in New York right in Midtown Manhattan, just three blocks away from our hotel. Times Square. This major commercial intersection flashed ads left, right, up, and down, and made it impossible to completely absorb every view. The Times Building is located in the center of the square and is the location for the annual ball drop. Locals and tourists alike scurried along the walkways with a keen sense of urgency. Everyone had somewhere to be and I swore that this organic New Yorker routine was choreographed.


Located within the chaos of Times Square is ABC’s Good Morning America. A family friend works at Good Morning America and graciously showed us the set on a Friday morning. The band MAGIC! was featured and it was such a treat. I concluded that New York really does have it all going on. This extremely compacted and populated city truly is the capitol for television, fashion, art, commerce, technology, and everything between. It was at that moment I realized that I never wanted to leave.


One morning, around 8 am, I walked through Times Square on my way to grab us Starbucks and I was astonished. Although there weren’t as many people walking around as later in the day, the sense of liveliness was still there. I sat outside Starbucks on a fold out chair and absorbed as much New York energy as I could, in hopes that I could store it forever.

Check back next week for part two of We Aren’t in SoCal Anymore.

And remember- Take Care of This Moment.

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  1. Awesome post! So much fun. Makes me want to go back with you two!!

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